There are many issues affecting all of us, such as the economy, health care, and the environment.  The solutions are intertwined in that the economy would be boosted with new green-collar jobs if we seek environmentally-friendly energy sources.  Reducing our dependence on fossil fuels is a state, national and global security issue as it is an environmental issue. 

I am active in the communities promoting the well-being for all including, those who are often unrepresented and whose voices are unheard.  As a counselor I have worked with those experiencing various hardships such as job loss, homelessness and other financial challenges.  I have counseled families experiencing drug addiction, alcoholism, AIDS and domestic violence. I have worked in addressing solutions to these problems. 

One of the major solutions to these issue is health care.  I am in favor of health care for all, because everyone deserves quality health care.   I believe in working families, bringing jobs back to the district, having quality education, and improving alternative energy systems.  We also have a duty to care in every way for our veterans because they have given their all for us.

With your help, we can achieve a better and secure future for our planet and children.  If you would like to volunteer in this campaign, see the "Contact Us" link.  If you have not yet registered to vote, please go to the "Register to Vote" link and register today.   Entrust me with your vote as we work towards the best of our humanity that we can be.   Thank you again, I look forward to working for you.


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"We need to enact legislation to support small businesses and bring back more jobs to our districts."